BUY The Stafford School Yearbook - All Year Books Digitized

We have sent all the Trojan yearbooks from 1907-2015 to be digitized. Also the two yearbooks (covering 3 years) of the Zenith yearbooks.

They came back to us on 10 DVDs which John has put on a 64g jump drive.  The pictures have come out great!  It has a year to year index so you can easily find the pictures you want.  Since they are digitized you can zoom in and see all little details!

The Stafford Museum, Stafford School Library and the Stafford City library all contributed the use of year-books for this big project. Michael Hathaway at the Stafford Museum feels that we have all the published yearbooks of Stafford Schools. There were years during the depression, war, and the fifties that yearbooks weren't made. 

We are selling yearbook thumb-drives (Thumb-drives are little devices that plug into a USB port on your computer or laptop) to raise money and hold the cost down on the banquet tickets.

Over a hundred years of Stafford School Yearbooks are being made available to the public for the cost of a single yearbook.

The Stafford School Yearbook thumb-drive is available to you at the cost of $40.00. If you have to have it mailed + $5.00 shipping and handling.  This thumb-drive includes digitized pictures of students, staff, activities, business supporters and everything included in the yearbooks from 1907-2015.

It would make a great gift for any alumni.  Do you know someone who couldn't afford yearbooks during their school years?  Has your yearbook been destroyed or lost? Looking for a great gift for your Stafford Alumni parent, that is hard to buy for?  

These Yearbook Thumb-drives can be bought from John Hildebrand as you see him or drop him a request at PO Box 100, Stafford, KS 67578 or an e-mail at